Why an SLA?

Because humanitarian disasters also take place on weekends. Because the time and resources are missing internally. Because unconventional ideas need to be implemented quickly. Because it pays off.


Even faster, when time is pressing. SLA customers are given prioritized support.


Individual adjustments without additional costs. Up to 2h per month included.

Always there

Things often happen on weekends. This is not a problem with an SLA.

Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum

Depending on your needs, we can offer you the right SLA. For even more speed, guaranteed availability, service by phone and individual adjustments.

Widget & E-Payment SLA

This SLA supports donation forms and e-payment solutions and works in conjunction with the Add On SLAs, fundraising platforms as well as our automation products
–guaranteed availability
- prioritization
- guaranteed response time
- guaranteed problem solving
- monitoring

Plattform Add On (P2P and Employee Giving)

With this SLA, you can help your organization, in addition to prioritized support, to maintain your campaigns.
– prioritised intervention
- backend support
- prioritization of Feature Requests Automation Add On (CRM & Newsletter Connector, Reconciliation)

Automation Add On (CRM & Newsletter Connector, Reconciliation)

As a user of CRM and newsletter interfaces, you benefit from support for recurring tasks:
- prioritized intervention
- active data transfer monitoring
- data transfer interventions (manual)
- prioritized consideration of Feature Requests

Our Support Team, pictured here, Katharina, Patrick and Ann-Kristin, are ready to offer you help and advice.

Prices & Conditions

For only 40 francs per month, you'll benefit from prioritized care and extended services with an SLA. That's often covered by even a single additional donation! Leaving you even more time to concentrate on your other tasks.

The most important questions and answers

What exactly is a service level agreement? When do I need an SLA? What if my needs change? These and other questions are answered briefly and succinctly in our questions and answers section.
SLA stands for Service Level Agreement and refers to an agreement between the supplier and the customer that specifies services beyond those inclusive. As a rule, in the case of software as a service offers, this concerns the guaranteed availability, contact channels and possibly individual services which are outsourced to the provider for a lump sum.
Often, there is not enough time to take care of arising matters that are not typically the main tasks of an employee. With an SLA, there is nothing additional that the organization needs to do, other than taking care of the essential functions. We'll provide the extra support needed. In the case of system failures, an SLA guarantees prioritized support and guaranteed accessibility. We will gladly explain the detailed services to you, based on your requirements.
The use of an SLA is not mandatory, but in many cases is recommended. The benefits are individual and can be compared to the different categories of airline tickets: a faster process, extra baggage allowance and ample legroom in the plane do not change the destination of the trip nor do they determine a safe arrival, but are worthwhile for the traveler who wants to work on the way or has a lot to transport. We are happy to advise you and weigh the individual benefits of a service level agreement together.
The costs are modular and depend on your needs. The most basic one is the Widget & E-Payment SLA, which is already available from 40 francs per month. If you decide to combine several SLAs or opt for a multi-year contract, you will benefit from discounts. In any case, even when using fewer of the services covered, an SLA pays off in terms of effort.


SLA stands for Service Level Agreement.
Definition according to Wikipedia

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