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Fundraise smarter with Switzerland's no. 1 mobile payment method

Donate with TWINT QR Donate

Our package for charities

Whether it’s QR codes for fundraising on the go or the opportunity to be featured in the TWINT app, our intuitive solutions will skyrocket your organization’s success.

TWINT QR in your Donation Form

Offer your supporters TWINT as a payment method in your Donation Form.

How it works: Encourage more donations by offering your supporters Switzerland’s no. 1 mobile payment method across all your fundraising channels

It's perfect for:

  • Getting up and running fast

  • Expanding your current payment method offering to better target the Swiss population

  • Keeping track of transactions across all channels in real time

TWINT Donate

Collect one-off donations in seconds, both on- and offline

How it works: Your supporters simply scan a QR code or click on a PayLink to donate. You receive the donation and information about the supporter.

It’s perfect for:

donation with raisenow twint qr
  • On-the-spot donations at events

  • Personalized direct mail campaigns for recurring donors

  • Requesting anonymous donations via your social media posts

  • Creating a call-to-action with a QR code on a billboard ad

  • Sending printed Swiss QR bills payable via TWINT

QR Payment Slip with TWINT

Send QR-bills that can be paid directly with the TWINT app.

How it works: You send your supporters invoices or donation appeals in the form of a personalized QR-bill with TWINT. They simply scan the QR code with the TWINT app and voilà, the bill is paid!

It’s perfect for:

  • Digitalizing your direct mailing strategy: generate more donations with lower campaign costs

  • Replacing the payment slip: more efficient, reliable and transparent

  • Settling invoices quickly and easily

  • Keeping a real-time overview of the donations you’ve received

  • Automatically personalize the QR-bill and import the reference number

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TWINT Giving Portal

Showcase your charity to over 5 million TWINT users

How it works: TWINT users see your organization or campaign featured in the TWINT app, and can donate to your cause in just a few clicks.

It’s perfect for:

  • Boosting specific campaigns by featuring them in the TWINT app – in December 2020 alone, over CHF 200,000 was raised via the TWINT Giving Portal

  • Reaching a whole new audience by featuring your charity on the TWINT app homepage; charities receive an average of 30,000 clicks per day with this feature! (pre-approval required)

  • Available exclusively via RaiseNow!


Not sure which solution is right for you? Use our handy table below to compare our solutions. As a RaiseNow Growth customer, you can access all our TWINT solutions at no extra cost!

For receiving donations and supporter data
TWINT Donate
2.5% per transaction
  • Instant QR code download
  • Collect payer data
  • Unlimited QR codes
  • Unlimited PayLinks Send your members a link to pay online in seconds
  • Can be combined with Swiss QR-bill for payment via TWINT QR-bill has replaced the Swiss payment slip. Supporters can then scan the invoice using either their bank’s app or the TWINT app as an alternative way to pay.
  • Personalized QR codes Supporters see their data pre-filled in the form when they scan the personalized QR code
  • Preset and custom payment amounts
  • Weekly payouts
For a complete fundraising package, including all TWINT technology shown above RaiseNow Growth
From 195 CHF per month
All of our TWINT solutions at no extra cost
  • TWINT Donate
  • TWINT Giving Portal
  • TWINT in your Donation Form
  • TWINT in your QR-bill
Plus an all-in-one fundraising platform with:
  • Unlimited Donation Forms
  • Unlimited currencies
  • Unlimited languages
  • Unlimited payment methods
  • Cover the fee option
  • Personalized QR codes Supporters see their data pre-filled in the form when they scan the personalized QR code
  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
  • RaiseNow Terminal (mPOS)
  • Advanced CRM integrations with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, SEXTANT, Creative OM, Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Advanced Accounting System Integrations with Abacus and SAP
  • Extended support via Service Level Agreements
  • And much more!

More exclusive benefits for your charity

Smooth donor journeys

No more painful payment processes, supporters just scan a QR code in the TWINT app or click a PayLink and select a fixed or custom amount. It’s perfect for in-person and offline payments and donations.

Weekly payouts

Receive all funds on a weekly basis, along with a transaction-level breakdown to keep your records in top shape.

Real-time transactions

See transactions in your account immediately to keep track of campaign progress and easily monitor how much you raised.

Data in your CRM

As with our entire platform, you have the option to see all supporter and transaction data in your preferred CRM thanks to native integrations with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics and more.

Frequently asked questions, answered

Do I have to choose one solution?

No, you can mix and match the different TWINT solutions, and we find that the majority of our customers end up using a mixture of different solutions to meet their needs.

You can create an unlimited number of QR codes and PayLinks, and thanks to our pay-as-you-go model, you only pay a fee for each successful transaction.

What is the link between RaiseNow and TWINT?

RaiseNow and TWINT have an exclusive partnership for club and charity solutions, which means that TWINT technology works seamlessly with the RaiseNow platform.
This means that we can offer you a range of solutions for your club that you won’t find anywhere else, and that are built with the combined knowledge of the leading Swiss payment provider, and the leading Swiss fundraising platform.

Where can I best use QR codes and PayLinks?

On site
At occasions, events or in the clubhouse, you can use the TWINT QR code to collect all kinds of payments securely and cashlessly.

Whether on your website, in emails, WhatsApps, SMS, social media posts or any other digital medium: simply add a PayLink and link directly to the payment or donation page.

Printed materials
In letters, flyers, brochures, notices, postcards, advertisements and much more.

What are the use cases for QR codes and PayLinks?

QR Codes and PayLinks can be used for many different types of payments, e.g. food and drinks at events. Sale of items, collection at concerts, church, etc. Rentals, e.g. tennis court rentals. Entry fees, patronage fees, Club fees, memberships, sponsorships, payment of bills, online donations as well as for donations for live streaming, course fees, ticket sales and many more.

Can I display my TWINT QR code online?

The TWINT QR Code which you create in RaiseNow Hub is not primarily meant to be displayed on a website, or to be sent via email, but only to be printed on marketing material (flyers, posters, etc.).

For online usage you have the possibility to share your payment or donation page by posting the PayLink on your social channels, or by sending it via mail, chat message or SMS.
You can also use this link directly on your website so that your donors or customers can be directly led to your payment page.

When will I receive the money on my bank account?

The payout time is around 3 to 9 days, depending on when the donations have been made. This duration is mainly due to the fact that we first have to receive and process the funds from TWINT.

Each Wednesday the donations for the previous week (Monday to Sunday) are paid out to your bank account. Prior to that you receive an email from RaiseNow with a payout report where you can see the exact gross and net amount and the payment date.

What is the difference between the solutions?

Choose the TWINT QR Pay solution to receive instant payments from customers at the point of sale. You can create your own TWINT QR code with one fixed or one customized amount.

With the TWINT QR Pay Plus solution you can not only receive payments but also collect personal informations about the payer. This solution is ideally suited for your purposes if you want for example to get new members, bookings or event sign-ups.

Last but not least, the TWINT QR Donate solution allows you to raise funds and get the donor's personal information. Here you can additionally give your donors the option to mention if they would like to receive a donation receipt from your organisation.

How much does it cost?

There are no setup or fixed recurring fees for registering your organization in the RaiseNow Hub or for creating and managing your TWINT QR codes.

Once you have chosen the type of QR code that is most suitable for your purpose (you can learn more about it here as well as in our video tutorial), you can create as many QR codes and PayLinks as you wish, knowing that transaction fees are only charged when you receive a successful payment with your QR code or PayLink.

The amount of these fees depends on the type of QR code you use:

  • Receive payments (TWINT QR Pay):
    1.3% per successful transaction.
  • Receive payments and collect payer details (TWINT QR Pay Plus):
    2.5% per successful transaction
  • Receive donations and collect donor details (TWINT QR Donate):
    2.5% per successful transaction

What our customers are saying

RaiseNow TWINT QR makes it really easy to collect online payments. We like the fact that we can quickly and easily generate and personalize as many QR codes as we want for our campaigns. Arianna Scariggi Winterhilfe Switzerland
The QR option is a huge help when it comes to collecting donations. We can now share the code on social media and can run much more spontaneous collection campaigns - even for smaller amounts. A further plus point is that we receive the email addresses of supporters, which is great for our donor database. We in Switzerland and the recipients in Kenya are thrilled! Barbara Fuhrer Pro Ganze Kenia Switzerland