Cooperation Guidelines: Ethical and sustainable action

In our efforts to empower people to do good, we are committed to managing our company responsibly, sustainably and in compliance with all legal requirements.

Our team and beliefs

The RaiseNow team is made up of members based all over the world, of varying nationalities, ethnicities, sexual identities and orientations, among other differences.

We hold the view that the technology we provide has an impact on society. Technology, as a whole, is not a normative or value-neutral element. As a company building and providing fundraising technology, we help shape our direct environment and the world at large. This is the reason and motivation for each RaiseNow team member to do what we do both at work and in our personal lives. This is also the reason why we, as a company, place our collective trust in each employee’s autonomy and discretion to vet every potential customer before providing our products and services to them.

In order to guide our decision-making and aid our laser-focused approach to supporting organizations that solve real-world problems, we have established the following cooperation guidelines. 

We do not expect every organization to share our beliefs, and we exercise our constitutional right to only work with customers, suppliers and partners who align with the values that we stand firmly behind. 


Our Cooperation Guidelines

We act according to our principles and are concerned about the well-being of our society and the environment. In order to keep this commitment aligned with our values, rights, and beliefs, as well as to the principles of honesty, integrity, and respect for others, we have set up a committee and developed cooperation guidelines. 

RaiseNow makes the decision to reject or terminate business relationships with organizations who do not sufficiently comply with these principles, based on the recommendations of the committee. We are convinced that these guidelines and our culture of continuous learning and improvement enable us to effectively monitor our behavior in order to contribute to a sustainable legacy for future generations.


Environment & Animal Rights

We recognize that climate change is real and largely manmade. We support organizations that work to promote renewable energy sources, reduce CO₂ emissions, and mitigate other factors that negatively impact the climate.

We support organizations committed to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We support organizations that contribute to the protection and preservation of animal rights.

We do not cooperate with organizations that deny climate change or do not recognize its human causes.


Human Rights & Humanitarian Aid

We believe all people are born free and with equal rights, and support the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We support organizations that fight against human rights violations and are committed to the rights of women, children, and people with disabilities.

We do not cooperate with organizations that

  • impair the physical integrity of humans, notably by
    • helping to foster armed conflicts or
    • practising or promoting female genital mutilation;
  • discriminate against people based on their origins, sex, nationality, social background, or physical characteristics;
  • deny freedom of sexual preference and identity;
  • wish to abolish the right to terminate a pregnancy.



We recognize the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion. We support organizations that work with religious communities.

We do not cooperate with organizations that are known or suspected to

  • have active control over their members, or
  • make it unreasonably difficult or impossible for their members to leave.



We are convinced that the opportunity to participate in democratic political processes is important. We support organizations that play an active role in shaping politics, as long as they adhere to the above standards.

We rate regional and local parties based on their nationwide public perception and on the appearance of their prominent members in their roles.

When working together in the election campaigns of individual politicians, we take the present public perception into account regardless of party affiliation or other political coalitions.

Political campaigns, such as referenda, are judged on their content and their expected impact, regardless of the parties, politicians, or organizations involved.


Do you have questions about our cooperation guidelines? We welcome your feedback.


Note: The term “organizations” is used to represent all other sponsors such as companies, foundations, informal coalitions, etc. including private individuals who receive services as initiators or beneficiaries of RaiseNow.