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The price plan for fast and convenient TWINT payments for clubs and charities who only want TWINT.

€0 $0 £0 0 CHF No fixed costs
Fees (platform & payment processing):
Payments from 1.3% 1.3% 1.3% 1.3%
Donations 2.5% 2.5% 2.5% 2.5%
  • Flexible payment amounts
  • Transparent payouts
  • Unlimited QR codes and PayLinks
  • Up to four fixed amounts, or three fixed and one custom, per TWINT QR code
  • Easily collect payer data
  • Instant QR code download
  • Edit which details payers need to enter
  • High-quality TWINT QR code prints and counter displays, delivered within five business days
  • Collect tax receipt requests
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The price plan for clubs and associations, small and regional organizations – with no fixed costs.

€0 $0 £0 0 CHF No fixed costs
Platform fee: 2.5% 2.5% 2.5% 2.5% (plus payment processing fees) Fees for external payment providers such as Stripe, PayPal, etc.
  • Unlimited number of donation forms (hosted pages)
  • 1 currency
  • 4 languages (EN, FR, DE, IT)
  • Multiple payment methods: credit cards/Stripe, PayPal (available soon), and TWINT
  • One-time and recurring donations
  • Up to 4 fixed amounts, or 3 fixed and 1 customized, for each touchpoint solution
  • Customizable donation amounts
  • Access to RaiseNow Hub to create TWINT QR codes, donation buttons and more
  • Real-time donation, payment and supporter data on RaiseNow Hub
  • Clear overview with dashboard
  • Transparent payouts
  • Unlimited data exports in CSV or XSLX
  • Full customization to match your branding (whitelabeling)
  • SSL data encryption
  • PCI DSS certified payments
  • Fraud control
  • Optional form autocompletion for recurring supporters
  • Email support
  • Access to our extensive Knowledge Base
  • Collect tax receipt requests
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The package for national and international organizations and movements – available in 3 attractive price points.

From €195 $225 £175 195 CHF / month
Platform fee: 0.5% - 4.4% 0.5% - 4.4% 0.5% - 4.4% 0.5% - 4.4% (plus payment processing fees) Fees for external payment providers such as Stripe, PayPal, etc.
  • Everything in Free, plus:
  • Embedded donation forms
  • Unlimited currencies
  • Unlimited languages
  • Unlimited payment methods with individual contracts
  • Cover the fee option
  • Community Fundraising (Crowdfunding, Employee Giving, Shop, Tickets, Engagement and much more) (Add-on*)
  • Advanced CRM Integrations with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, SEXTANT, Creative OM, Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • API interfaces and documentation
  • Webhook functionality allowing data transfer to 3rd party systems
  • Advanced Accounting System Integrations with Abacus and SAP (Add-on*)
  • Opportunity to be featured on TWINT Giving Portal 
  • Extended support via Key Account packages
  • Optional payment slip processing
  • 1000+ integrations with your favorite tools via Zapier
  • Access to newly released products and features at no extra cost
  • More features available upon request

    *Add-ons are subject to a fee
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Our product isn't just about features, we also support you to ensure your success

Because you don't have to figure it all out on your own.


RaiseNow’s customer support team is ready to help you with all your technical questions, and can be reached by email or phone depending on your plan


Get up and running quickly with an easy onboarding plan. Then maximize results along the way with premium training, ongoing consulting and technical services


From blog posts to webinars to Knowledge Base articles, we offer no shortage of free educational content to help your whole team stay ahead of the curve as you grow

Customer Success packages

Our Customer Success packages prioritize the organization's needs. Choose between Basic, Key Account, and Key Account Plus. These packages include the following services:


Included in Growth plan

350 CHF 350 CHF 350 CHF 350 CHF /Month

1.500 CHF 1.500 CHF 1.500 CHF 1.500 CHF /Month


Basic onboarding and training

Basic package, plus CRM connector and reconciliation

Key Account package, plus Peer-to-Peer and Employee Giving

Success meetings (goals and roadmap)


Half-yearly or as required

Monthly or as agreed and an annual meeting with RaiseNow C level

Technical support

No hours includedCharged based on time spent, 190 CHF/hr. Simple text adjustments in widgets

2 hours per month including additional work at 190 CHF/hr. Hours cannot be carried over into the following month, e.g. individual field adjustments during onboarding and operation

10 hours per month including additional work at 190 CHF/hr. Hours cannot be carried over into the following month, e.g. individual field adjustments during onboarding and operation

Support channels

Email / ticketing system, link to schedule meetings, access to our Knowledge Base

Designated customer success team. All Basic support channels, plus a team telephone number

Designated customer success manager. All Basic support channels, plus a personal telephone number


Monitoring training with RaiseNow tool for CRM connector and reconciliation. Active monitoring: Error identification by email and Error processing (SLA level P4)

Monitoring training with RaiseNow tool for CRM connector and reconciliation. Active monitoring: Error identification by email and Error processing (SLA level P4)

Monitoring training with RaiseNow tool for CRM connector and reconciliation. Active monitoring: Error identification by email, Error processing (SLA level P3) and High priority with assistance from developer team


Not possible to adjust T&Cs documents

Possible to adjust T&Cs by agreement. Charged based on time spent 250 CHF/hr

Possible to adjust T&Cs by agreement





Are you considering any of our Customer Success packages? Don't hesitate to reach out to us directly. We'll work together to identify the optimal option for your organization.

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Frequently asked questions, answered

Are there any fixed costs?

There are no fixed costs for the Free plan. Monthly fixed costs only apply to the Growth plan. There are three available offerings within the Growth plan with variable fixed costs and service fees, depending on your annual online fundraising income and requirements. If you need a special integration, implementation or a different Customer Success package, these fees will be charged additionally and accordingly.

What is the platform fee?

This is the fee that RaiseNow charges for providing donation forms with infrastructure and added-value, including services such as secure payments,  error handling, data synchronisation, export and more. It is in addition to the transaction fee for payment processing by the payment providers. Customers get a monthly bill with their platform fee for the previous month.

What is a Customer Success Package?

Customer Success Packages are our service offerings for enhanced support provided by our Customer Success Team. They include proactive services that go beyond the support included in the Free and Growth plans. The "Key Account" package offers long-term support from a member of our CS team to ensure that key concerns are centralized and we can offer tailored support. This includes predefined regular online meetings to monitor your fundraising goals, a phone number for your contact person, and proactive notifications from us if there are any irregularities or important updates for your specific setup that we can communicate early on. We particularly recommend these packages for customers with CRM integrations, reconciliation, extensive customizations in general, and P2P.

Can I export my supporter data?

Yes, you can export transaction histories, donor data, and campaign performance figures in CSV or XSLX formats.

Can I connect my own payment gateway?

Yes, you can connect your own payment gateways including Stripe, Paypal and many more. Get in touch to explore other options.

Is there a donor “cover the fees” or “tipping” option?

Yes, you can offer “cover the fee” as an option on your donation forms. On average, 70% of supporters opt in to cover the transaction and platform fees. By doing so, it allows you to receive and keep 100% of the donation amount, so that our solution pays for itself at no additional cost to you.

Which plan should I choose?

This depends on the size of your organization, your annual online fundraising income, and your needs. The detailed features and offering of each plan are laid out above, and we’re happy to discuss your options and suitability for each pricing.

Is RaiseNow only for nonprofit organizations?

We support all categories of nonprofit organizations including charities, non-governmental organizations, and clubs and associations. With every newly-registered organization, our team runs a manual check to ensure that you comply with our cooperation guidelines before proceeding with onboarding and setup.

What does onboarding and account setup look like?

If you’re interested in the Growth plan, book a meeting slot with our Sales team to scope out your requirements. After signing the contract, our Customer Success team will get in touch to carry out the various onboarding and setting up processes with you.
For the Free plan, you can sign up directly in RaiseNow Hub. Our support team will activate you as soon as possible so you can get started right away!

How long does it take to set up?

The setup process and time period depends on the complexity of your requirements and implementation. For the Free plan, you can set up your donation solutions immediately after activation, which takes about one business day. For the Growth plan, it takes two to eight weeks before you can launch your campaigns.

How long is my contract and how can I cancel it?

At RaiseNow, we have a fair policy and are flexible with regards to contractual terms. For Free customers, you don’t have to cancel; you can simply remove the donation form from your site. For Growth customers, we offer one- to three-year contracts with a one month notice period at the end of the term. You can cancel your contract by emailing us at

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