RESOURCES Success stories

Discover how RaiseNow has helped a wide variety of nonprofits, from clubs to international charities, to increase their efficiency and meet their fundraising goals.


Nez Rouge

Clubs Lumberjack

Discover how Lumberjack, a cultural association in Lucerne, used TWINT QR to sell pay-what-you-want tickets for their festival.

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Clubs Weiningen Gymnastics Club

Discover how the Weiningen Gymnastics Club uses RaiseNow TWINT to collect membership fees and make payments at events.

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Clubs Altikon Men's Gymnastics Club

Discover how the Altikon Men's Squad used TWINT QR for payment processing at the final round of the 3rd league WTU.

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Clubs March Marmots
Discover how eSports club March Marmots raised 600 francs in one evening via a fundraising stream and other successes.
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Clubs Neuenkirch Wind Orchestra
Discover how the Neuenkirch Wind Orchestra collects payments for concert admission and catering, and why the fees are worth it.
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Clubs TC Frohberg
Discover how Frohberg Tennis Club uses TWINT QR to pay membership and court fees.
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Clubs GhostHunters Switzerland
Find out how GhostHunters Switzerland use RaiseNow TWINT to collect donations and membership fees.
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National organizations Swiss Zakat Foundation
Taking online fundraising into the future - how RaiseNow and the Salesforce integration became a key element of digitalization for the Swiss Zakat Foundation


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Clubs Nez Rouge
Find out how Nez Rouge makes Swiss streets safer and uses RaiseNow TWINT QR to collection donations.


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