About RaiseNow

You can count on us to be your ally

We exist to be a torchbearer for changemakers like you, lighting your journeys and helping to initiate change through technology.

Why we're here

The world is unjust. We seek to rectify that. We want a future where injustice is eliminated, and where societal, environmental and economical challenges are addressed.

Our North Star

Founded in 2015 with a visionary aim to create a just world for all, RaiseNow leverages tomorrow’s technology to enable changemakers today.

What you can count on

Individual supporters and international organizations alike benefit from our secure and user-friendly end-to-end fundraising platform. We advance your mission by helping you to find supporters, rally communities and collect donations in a more efficient and successful way than before, bringing about long-lasting impact.

How we get there

Our diverse and skillful team of engineers, fundraising experts, movers and shakers in the nonprofit sector combine experience with cues from our community to build innovative solutions to solve real-world problems.

What we stand for

The six values that guide us and keep us grounded. They’re hardwired into our DNA and will stay the same as we continue to grow.

Play fair

We seek to establish a transparent and open working relationship based on trust from day one.

Do meaningful work

Our work helps customers build communities, instigate meaningful change, and tackle some of the biggest challenges our planet faces. That, in turn, motivates us and brings us satisfaction.

Delight customers

Our customers are at the heart of what we do, and success attained by questionable methods just isn’t our thing. We want to grow sustainably with them.

Take charge of personal growth

We want to grow as individuals in order to better support our team members and customers in the future.

Advocate for diversity

We know that in today’s world, simply embracing diversity is not going to cut it. We know there is work still to be done, and are committed to levelling the playing field for everyone.

Lift one another up

We help our fellow team members, partners and customers alike to unlock their full potential.
Team RaiseNow

Our community

Why you can count on us

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