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With our CRM connectors, data is immediately available for processing. You can act more quickly as the success of campaigns is monitored in real-time, and other systems can immediately use the data obtained; in short, you operate more professionally, more efficiently and more successfully.


Five popular CRM systems are already linked to RaiseNow. Is your CRM is not on the list yet? Please contact us.


All or only selected data can be transferred to the CRM as required. Whether e-payment data, SMS data or campaign data - it's all up to you.


All data is encrypted. The connectors are continually updated and checked so that no payments are lost.

Packages and Options

The CRM Connector includes several performance packages, which are compiled as required by you. Thanks to the modular setup, additional packages can be added at a later date.

E-Payment Connector

All e-payment transactions using the available payment methods, including donations via the Facebook donation app, are transmitted in real-time, with information about the donation type (once-off or recurring).

SMS Donations Connector

All SMS donations, whether sent from a telephone, via a donation widget or triggered by the Call Center Connector, are transmitted in real-time to the CRM. An additional web admin interface enables you to link SMS keywords to a specific CRM campaign or campaign ID.

Shopping Cart Connector

Shop orders through a shopping cart with individual products, prices, quantities, discounts, and methods of payment, are imported directly into the CRM. E-payments, as part of the shopping cart, are charged to the e-payment package.

Donation Campaign Connector

This connector creates appropriate campaign codes in the CRM for the correct assignment and further processing of donor communication, for newly created donation transaction pages. In addition, suitable SMS keywords can be assigned directly to the newly created campaign code.

Leading CRM Providers rely on a connection to RaiseNow:


Our CRM connectors are used in conjunction with other RaiseNow products. Depending on your purpose and specific implementation requirements, unique project inputs can be added. We'll discuss your requirements and then quote you on the customized package, based on the available package prices.
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CRM connectors are very comprehensive and complex, therefore questions are bound to arise. We have listed some of the most important ones here. If your question is not answered here, please don't hesitate to contact us.
At the moment, the following CRMs are supported: Care NG by Advanced NPF, Funtrade by Arenae, iInfo by IBV Informatik, OM by Creativ and SextANT by ANT-Informatik.
We are always interested in integrating new CRMs. Please contact us.
Data is transmitted in real-time. In addition, daily monitoring finds and corrects any erroneous transmissions.

Project Costs

For the smooth transfer of the data, various individual parameters must be configured. We calculate the costs on request.


I will gladly assist you in finding out more about costs and functionalities.

Jürg Unterweger | Head of Sales and Partnerships

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