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Seamless integration, user-friendly processes and individually selectable amounts, currencies and donation goals. With our designer forms, you can increase the conversion rate and overall donation amount, because your donors will feel safe and enjoy the donation process.

Easy Integration

Our donation forms can be integrated into every website. Updates are available at no additional cost.

Individual Design

All forms can be simply adapted to comply with your corporate design using CSS, and be perfectly integrated to suit the look and feel of your website.

Detailed Analysis

The RaiseNow Manager provides all data in realtime. With the optional integration of Google Analytics, you will be able to understand user and donation behavior even better.

Forms for every occasion

Our forms cover all your needs: from the call for emergency aid to the online initiation of sponsorships and memberships to event-related donations. We will help you choose the right form to suit your needs.

Seamless Integration

RaiseNow donation forms can be seamlessly integrated into your website. You can customise, add, remove, and configure fields according to your needs and aesthetic.
Example (WWF Schweiz)

Intuitive Use

The self-explanatory user guide allows the supporters to intuitively specify the amount, the preferred means of payment, and, if desired, the number of cycles.
Example (Save the Children)

RaiseNow Manager

With our forms, you can always get an overview of incoming donations. The RaiseNow Manager shows you all the information in a clear dashboard from which you can quickly and easily export information, if necessary, using different filters.


The success of our donation forms can be increased even further with the use of optional extensions: the donation barometer to aid in the real-time motivation of supporters, and Google Analytics for background analysis to help you make the most of your appeals.


The RaiseNow E-Payment solution integrates seamlessly with the donation forms. Internationally valid credit cards and PayPal are available in the same way as are PostFinance Card, printable payslips, and direct debits, TWINT and SMS donations. All payment options are modular and can be individually set up.
More about E-Payment

Fundraising Automation

Make your fundraising more efficient and link your donation forms directly to your CRM and other systems. Interfaces exist for different providers. We are also happy to help your organisation with the automation of processes.
More about fundraising automation

Social Fundraising for Organisations

Our donation forms are the basis of fast-acting social fundraising platforms with attractive functions. Your fans will turn into fundraisers when they gather at birthdays, sports events and organisational gatherings. Find out more about our Event Campaign solution!
More about donation Event Campaigns

RaiseNow donation forms have been in use for years. Here are just a few examples:

Your tailor-made offer

Our donation forms can be used and operated as part of our comprehensive digital fundraising offering, or independently in conjunction with third party systems. Contact us to find out more about prices and conditions.
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Questions & Know-How

The most common questions about our forms are answered here, but if yours is not, please contact us or watch one of our video tutorials. This library is growing constantly.
The integration of our forms takes place by means of simple code lines. If your CMS is experiencing problems, we will be happy to help.
Yes, from very simple CSS adjustments to complex graphical changes, a lot is possible. This can be done by your agency or we can recommend professional implementation partners on request.
Yes, you can integrate a widget into the respective URLs of several pages. The donations and amounts remain the same. Individual donation forms are, as a rule, used for individual adjustments.

Set defaults (Video)

Our video tutorials explain step by step how our forms can be customised. The videos and much more can be found in our Knowledge Base.
RaiseNow Knowledge Base


I would like to help you select the right donation form for your needs.

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