Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Transform your supporters into fundraisers

Get your community engaged with crowdfunding-powered solutions for nonprofits that help you unlock new donors and spread your mission further.

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Harness the power of community to maximize your impact

Acquire new supporters

Break your donation volume records, broaden your reach and expand your community by tapping into your current supporters’ network of friends, family and colleagues.

One powerful platform

Enjoy all the features of our conversion-optimized donation forms and payment processing technology built into our P2P platform for a seamless donor journey across all channels.

Better storytelling

Equip your supporters with the tools to connect to your cause. From weddings to marathons to virtual events, they can weave their narrative into yours, strengthening their emotional connection to your mission.

Fully branded pages

Provide space for your supporters to tell their stories while inspiring trust with your organization’s branding front and center, no coding required.


Provide a platform for your supporters to promote your cause

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising is a type of crowdfunding where existing supporters reach out to their peers to raise funds on behalf of your cause. P2P success is propelled by social proof, social media shares and the power of storytelling.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
  • Build relationships quicker

    P2P builds on existing relationships — by creating pages to raise funds on your behalf, supporters vouch for your organization among their peers
  • Individual and team pages

    Supporters can create individual pages in minutes to share their personal stories, or rally together and fundraise as a group
  • Social sharing

    Connect with potential supporters 24/7 and boost engagement with pages designed to be shared with family, friends and colleagues via any online channel
  • Smarter campaign communications

    Keep your supporters focused on their goal with tailored email updates via either our Mail Manager or your preferred marketing automation tool

Employee Giving

Get employees involved

Corporate foundations and nonprofits alike use Employee Giving to take a stand for a great cause. Corporates find it helps them build stronger, more engaged teams, while charities use it to level up their corporate fundraising efforts.

Donation matching feature
  • Easy donation processing

    Corporates can opt to match donations without needing to handle funds internally, as the money is paid out directly to the nonprofit
  • Data protection

    Corporates get full transparency on donation data, and can choose freely whether or not to share supporter details with the charities they support
  • Connect your teams, company-wide

    Cheer on the CEO on a solo charity marathon, or fundraise together as one company in as many different languages as you need
  • Unite national offices

    Combine offices across the globe in one single platform, so donations can come in from employees or to your organization on a global level

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More benefits for your organization and cause

Social proof elements

Inspire immediate trust as supporters and their peers can see who recently donated (unless they did so anonymously) and see how they’re doing on a progress bar.

Quick insights

Track donations in real time, and be data-driven with intuitive dashboards for smarter reporting.

You own your data

Manage, filter and export your data manually as CSV or XSLX files or automate it thanks to our API and webhooks — it will always belong to you. RaiseNow is PCI DSS and GDPR compliant, and all data is SSL encrypted.

Slick integrations

Leverage powerful integrations with major CRMs such as Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud or everyday apps such as Strava via Zapier for even more flexibility.

How it works

Your supporters and/or corporate partners create their own fundraising page, either as an individual or as a team. They can set a goal, tell their story and add photos, videos and updates as they progress. Watch our Youtube tutorials to see for yourself how easy it is!

They share their page online among family, friends and their broader network via all the main social media channels.

You can send updates and emails using our Mail Manager or your own email marketing automation tool to keep your supporters motivated along the way to their goal.

As their campaign progresses, you’ll receive the funds on a continuous basis and will also gradually reach a whole new audience of supporters!