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Raise more funds online

Our donation and payment forms have all the basics — like local payment methods — covered, and are flexible enough to accommodate more advanced requirements, like custom form fields and cover the fee.

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Collect funds with confidence

Start fast and raise more

With a team that takes care of the details, so you don’t have to. Set up forms easily and integrate them into your website in the blink of an eye.

Create the perfect donor journey

Offer user-friendly forms with multiple payment methods, recurring giving, built-in marketing opt-ins, as well as a secure payment platform running seamlessly in the background.

Flexible as ever

Collect annual membership fees, pledges, and even payments at events with responsive forms that load fast and look great on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Adapts to your needs, and scales with you

Whether you need one donation form or multiple, one language or 50, one currency or ten, our forms grow with you without compromising on experience or security.

Increase conversions

Raise more in less time with our modern giving forms

Donation forms are the core of digital fundraising. Ours are built to set you up for online fundraising success.

  • Up and running fast

    With outstanding support along the way. From branding to onboarding payment providers, our Customer Success team is here to help
  • Save time and stay on track

    Make data-driven decisions and escape painful manual processes with real-time donation data and automated bank reconciliation
  • One-off and recurring giving

    Recurring supporters ultimately give more, so provide this option with secure tokenization technology to lay the foundation for long-term contributions to your cause
  • Cover the fee

    Receive 100% of the donation amount with our cover the fee option: 70% of supporters opt to cover the payment processing fee

Fully customizable forms

A truly personalized supporter experience

No coding required, easy to set up and fully customizable. Our donation forms are optimized for maximum conversions right out of the box.

  • White-labeled forms

    Position your branding front and center with forms that match the look and feel of your organization’s website
  • Unlimited custom fields

    Collect all the supporter data you need to strengthen future fundraising efforts with as many custom form fields as you need
  • Preset and custom donation amounts

    Allow supporters to enter a custom amount, or leverage data to raise more by presenting just-above-average donation amounts
  • Campaign-based giving

    Use one form for multiple campaigns, and boost engagement by enabling supporters to choose where their donation goes — it’s a win-win

International fundraising

Reach supporters anywhere

Online giving is effortless with our best-in-class payment platform. Our donation forms benefit from partnerships with world-leading payment providers including PayPal, Stripe, Adyen, Worldline SIX and many more.

  • Multi-language, multi-currency

    Cater to international audiences with forms in six languages and 130 currencies. Need more? No problem, let’s talk!
  • Specialized in global and local giving

    Drastically increase conversion rates in local markets by offering your supporters their preferred payment method
  • Secure data and payments

    Inbuilt fraud control coupled with SSL encryption and PCI DSS compliant payments keep your supporters safe when giving online
  • Multi-channel fundraising

    Explore more fundraising touchpoints — our donation forms and payment platform work flawlessly for face-to-face tablet fundraising, too.

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More benefits for your organization and cause

Your partner for the future

Benefit from a technology provider with the largest research and development team in Europe. That means frequent new features, product launches, and a team that is truly at the beating heart of the fundraising industry.

All your data in one place

Track donations and payments in real-time in our intuitive tool, even from multiple payment providers. We even have integrations with several CRM and ERP systems including Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and SAP for fully integrated fundraising.

Customer Success Packages

Concentrate on your daily tasks, plug gaps in internal resources and get answers to your burning questions — at any time — with one of our Customer Success packages.

Pricing plans that make sense

From collecting club membership fees to handling international fundraising campaigns, our forms are priced in a way that makes sense for your organization.
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How it works

Explore our pricing plans, RaiseNow Free and RaiseNow Growth. For Free, you can register directly at no cost in RaiseNow Hub and create your own forms there. For Growth, book a slot to chat with our Sales team to scope out your requirements.

Our Customer Success team will make sure that your organization meets the requirements of our cooperation guidelines — we’re a team that lives by our values!

Choose your payment provider(s), send over your logo and the information you’d like on your form, and we’ll set it all up for you.

You’ll receive a Javascript code to copy and paste onto your website. Add the code to your page, and you’re ready to go!