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Our e-payment solution covers a range of international payment options. With RaiseNow, you can integrate credit cards, PayPal, PostFinance Card and TWINT payments into your donation platform. Direct debit forms, payslip donations and SMS donations complete the offer. We will advise you on the best-suited choice of payment methods, help you to set up the required accounts, and oversee the setting up of your forms.


Data security is our number one priority. We are PCI-DSS certified and so meet the highest safety standards.


Our most advanced interfaces (REST API) support data exchange with our own system as well as third-party systems.


You pay only for what you need. All data belongs to your organisation and is always available.

Our Offering

The right payment method for the situation. Credit cards, PostFinance, PayPal, TWINT, direct debit, payslip and even SMS donations, we will engage the appropriate service providers and create the opportunity for recurring donations.

Freedom of Choice

More donations through freedom of choice: we offer country-specific payment methods, ensuring that donors can donate in familiar ways. Newly available payment methods are made possible after thorough examination. We currently offer Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PostFinance, direct debit forms, payslips for download, PayPal, TWINT and SMS donations in Switzerland.
Example (WWF)

Recurring Donations

At last, sponsorships, memberships, recurring donations, and subscriptions can be offered online, simply and attractively. "Recurring giving" has great potential in online fundraising and pays off quickly. You provide the necessary information for your donors and define which payment methods are to be available for recurring donations. The RaiseNow Manager provides you with maturity data and information about successful debits in real-time, for analysis and automated or manual processing.
Example (Swiss Red Cross)

Managing Payments

In the RaiseNow Manager, payment receipts which include details of the payment method and recurring donations are displayed in real-time and can be filtered and exported as required. With optional connectors to various common CRMs or interfaces specially created for this purpose, data transmission into your fundraising database can also be automated.
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Own Applications

Open interfaces guarantee that our e-payment solution successfully embeds into your systems. Thanks to our E-Payment Integration Kit (EPIK), our own integrations in javascript are easy. All data is available via REST API or can be exported via WebHook.
About EPIK

Integration into Existing Systems

We offer specially developed interfaces for many recognised CRM and ERP systems that take the strengths of these systems into account. You will benefit from speedy project implementation in the area of fundraising automation and much more.
Available CRM/NL connectors

Over 100 local, national and international organisations in 10 countries use our e-payment solutions. Here is a small sample of our customer base:

E-Payment Conditions

You only pay for what you need: we will compile the payment methods and the range of functions of your e-payment solution according to your needs and considering your systems. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to share non-binding and comprehensive advice.
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This phenomenon is complex and so questions arise constantly. If your question is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us!
Yes, in principle our solutions are designed for longer-term operation. In justified cases, we will consider making an exception.
This depends on the chosen payment method. For credit cards, the process takes longer (6 - 8 weeks). PayPal or payslips generated as PDFs are available in a relatively shorter time (about 1-2 weeks). Note that this information is provided without guarantee.
Essentially, yes. However, an individual examination is necessary in all cases. Contact us at
This depends on the means of payment. PayPal payments are paid out immediately, PostFinance donations arrive within 24 hours. Credit cards must be charged with 10 working days plus 2 valuta days, as stipulated by the respective banks. The providers of SMS donations are slightly slower and donations will arrive after 2-3 months.

How the RaiseNow Manager works

This interesting tutorial can show you what the RaiseNow Manager is capable of. It is constantly being developed and updated!
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I will gladly assist you with finding out more about costs and functionalities.

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