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Collect for one or more organisations as a company and create a win-win-win situation: employees and customers of your company can contribute towards important issues, your company uses a modern CSR , and the beneficiary organisations receive valuable donations with minimal effort.

On time

Calls and campaigns are initiated quickly and allow start-up to take place without delay.


You can integrate multiple beneficiaries or set different collection targets for particular events.


Consider specific localities and make use of specific languages, currencies and donation receipts.


With our Employee Giving platform, companies communicate professionally via their own URL, using their own design aesthetic. Several relief organisations can be integrated within each country. It is a very responsive platform, also suitable for use on a tablet and smartphone.

Starter, Standard & Unlimited

Depending on your needs, we offer different performance packages. All packages use White Labelling, enabling the solution to be customized to your corporate design. The basic "Starter" version uses one language and allows for the integration of various beneficiary organisations. It includes a campaign template, PDF donation receipts, confirmation emails and donation forms. You can choose the required payment methods individually with the appropriate e-payment package. With the more comprehensive packages, the "Standard" and "Unlimited" packages, international companies are given even more scope with additional templates and already integrated additional functions. We will be happy to provide you with a detailed performance comparison on request.
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White Label - The Solution for your Look

Employees, customers and other stakeholders need to see you and your campaign first and foremost, so RaiseNow consciously forgoes a prominent appearance within your platform. All campaigns align with your corporate identity and offer transparency and credibility.

Motivation through Visual Guides

As a company, you may have several social partnerships. On a platform, your colleagues and customers have the opportunity to decide for themselves what they want to use. With the donation status published in real-time and the possibility for a summary or doubling of the collective result, you can motivate people to donate.

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The implementation of an Employee Giving platform is tailored to your needs and requires exact knowledge of your requirements. After a joint evaluation, we can give you an accurate cost and timeframe estimation for your request.
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Employee donation campaigns have their problems and there are often some questions. The most common questions are below. If your question has not been answered, please contact us, we'll be glad to help.
All the money always goes directly to the respective organisation. Neither the company nor RaiseNow accepts money, keeping administration simple.
Our RaiseNow Manager provides real-time information about the donations. Clear filter criteria ensure that exactly the required information is retrieved.

When companies collect donations...

Important information about employee donations, explained in 2 minutes.
Giving at work (Video)


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