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Online Fundraising Automation enables you to focus on your organization's core functionality, while we take care of the mundane. Secure data transfer to your systems, intelligent triggers to initiate events, and a real-time feed of transactions help you provide your supporters with a comfortable and positive donation experience.


Combine your favorite systems with proven RaiseNow technology. Without restrictions.


Use existing information to entice and convince donors.


Combine applications and leverage synergies in procurement, communication and donor support.

Online Fundraising Automation

Faster, more efficient, more intelligent

The interaction of different, individually important and specialised systems guarantees efficient processes, meaningful indicators and a positive donor experience for your supporters. We provide you with the interface between your CRM, newsletter systems, donation forms and other platforms, such as event campaign solutions, and help you set up processes to collect donations more quickly, more efficiently and more intelligently.

RaiseNow Customer Store

We securely store your data so it is accessible for use in your front-end applications. The Customer Store is the foundation of online fundraising automation. It offers a variety of interfaces to existing external applications such as CRM databases, email marketing systems, or e-campaigning solutions and is directly linked to the RaiseNow e-payment infrastructure.

CRM Connector Synchronisation

We synchronise personal data, addresses, and fundraising data from the CRM into the RaiseNow Customer Store and vice versa. Shipping preferences, email marketing data, login data and direct mail data are also synchronised. It is possible to use multiple CRM connectors at the same time, e.g. for synchronization from one CRM system to another.
CRM Connector Solutions

Email Marketing Connector Synchronisation

To embed email marketing tools effectively, the data from the RaiseNow Customer Store can be synchronised into email marketing systems like Mailchimp or Inxmail. Synchronisation occurs in all directions - address changes, unsubscribing from mailing lists and hard bounces are synchronised by the email marketing system back into the RaiseNow Customer Store and transferred from there to the CRM. It is possible to use multiple email marketing connectors at the same time, e.g. for simultaneous synchronisation to MailChimp and Inxmail.

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Our Online Fundraising Automation solutions require the use of RaiseNow e-payment; an exact needs analysis and detailed knowledge of the systems will be used. We will gladly advise you (without any expectation) and then create a customized offer based on our package prices.
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Online fundraising automation is unrivaled. If you have further questions, we will be glad to help you.
The donations are transferred to the CRM in real-time and can be processed immediately.
Automatic synchronisation of address changes, unsubscribing to mailing lists or hard bounces take place.
All data is stored, in accordance with data protection best practices, on RaiseNow servers in Zurich and London.

Online Fundraising Automation

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