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Enable your community to engage personally and launch donation campaigns on your behalf. We provide a platform with many practical features for this, to suit your corporate design, and with enough flexibility to adapt it to the needs of your organisation.


Your event campaign platform, including the application of your corporate design, is ready for use within a short time.


We act invisibly in the background; the professional appearance belongs to your organisation and its donors.


All kinds of events are suitable for your fundraising campaigns thanks to individual templates.

RaiseNow Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Your event campaign platform can be tailored to your needs. You choose the version with the appropriate functionality for your organisation from three possible packages. One thing is common to all: they are designed as per your organisation, and can be linked to your systems.

Your Look

RaiseNow Peer-to-Peer Fundraising is able to match the look of your organisation and therefore evokes a sense of security. As a platform operator, we consciously renounce a prominent appearance, leaving the stage to you. The optical integration ranges from the simple installation of your logo and organisational colors to detailed design aspects. You choose.


RaiseNow Peer-to-Peer Fundraising can be connected directly to your CRM and email. This enables you to communicate quickly and efficiently, and to know which of your supporters are active as a fundraiser at any given time. You can also identify potential new donors that could be won over by your fundraising community.
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Starter, Standard & Unlimited

You have the choice of three versions, each with different functions, which can be expanded if required. The Starter version has a campaign template and a predefined donation process that allows you to run unlimited campaigns for different purposes. The Starter also enables the use of a particular language and currency. The Standard version offers all that the Starter version does, with the option of using up to three languages as well as different currencies. With the Unlimited version, benefits include unlimited campaigns, languages and currencies, and a PDF Creator for generating donation receipts in real-time. All versions can be individually adapted as needed.

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Contact us so we can help you select the appropriate version for your project. We are also usually able to give you a preliminary estimate of costs. After a detailed discussion over the telephone or at your organisation, we can formalize our offer to you after clarifying your required individual adaptations and interfaces.
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A charity funded by the organisation's community requires the information to be transparent, easy to access, and up to date. We answer the most common questions here. If your question is not answered, please contact us.
Money always goes directly to the organisation. Neither the event campaign organiser (Fundraiser) nor RaiseNow receives money.
Anyone who logs on the platform can start a campaign and collect donations for the organisation.
In contrast to so-called crowdfunding campaigns, the collected money is always paid to the organisation, regardless of whether the goal was achieved or not.

Our Video Tutorial about Event Campaigns

See how Event Campaigns work, in two minutes.
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I will gladly assist you in finding out more about costs and functionalities.

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