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Do you have a good idea and an exciting business prospect that you need crowdfunding for? Concentrate on the essentials and leave the developing work to us in the background. We will provide you with everything you need to operate your crowdfunding platform from a single source.


This is the top priority when dealing with online payments. With us you can be assured of trustworthy partners.


Your platform should convince crowdfunders through its individuality and uniqueness.


You can use only the functions that your platform requires and, if necessary, make quick adjustments.

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The operation of a crowdfunding platform requires a lot of know-how around digital payment processes, agreements with credit card providers, and a secure infrastructure for the processing and correct allocation of the incoming payments. As a crowdfunding platform provider, you should be able to concentrate on your tasks in business development and target group marketing. We can handle the rest and you'll profit further from being connected to a big network of like-minded people.

Some successful Crowdfunding platforms already use RaiseNow technology:


We would like to learn more about you and your idea. Tell us how you want to reach your target groups and we will help you to use the right tools in the background. After a non-committal discussion, we can send you a proposal for a partnership.
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We answer the most important questions about RaiseNow as a solution provider for your platform here. Has your question not been answered? We look forward to hearing from you.
No, and that is the big difference: you and your project take centre stage. We work in the background and provide the necessary software and infrastructure.
We leave this decision to you: we offer our services either for a fixed price, or on a commission basis. Which solution is most advantageous for you depends on a number of factors; we're happy to share our advice.


We will gladly help you if you want to learn more.

Jürg Unterweger | Head of Sales and Partnerships

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