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With calls for donations sent via SMS, you can reach your donors quickly and easily. Donating via SMS is simple and yields results quickly. The basic service includes donations via all Swiss networks, transaction statistics and a helpline.


Make the decision, define your keywords, and off you go! You will be receiving donations in 2 - 3 days.


You don't need any technical know-how. It is easy to set up and use. We support you and give you tips the whole way.

Cost Effective

Packages start from CHF 29 per month, opening up entirely new communication possibilities.

Packages and Options

From starter packages to unlimited SMS donation packages, find the perfect solution for your needs.


Starting out with SMS fundraising? You will get your own Second Level keyword, be able to receive donations through all CH networks, and can download the transaction statistics with one click. Our support team is at your disposal free of charge. Price: CHF 29 /month

Eco Plus

Use SMS as a fully-fledged donation channel. In addition to the services of the Eco package, you will also receive an individual Top Level keyword, a web widget for the integration of SMS donations on your website. Price: CHF 69 /month
Web Widget Example


This comprehensive package allows for several SMS campaigns. Adding on to the Eco Plus services, you can use several Top and Second Level keywords, AND see the mobile number of the donors. The Opt-in list for follow-up communication also allows you to enter into dialogue with the donor. Price: CHF 350 /month


Building on the Standard package, more keywords and the option to offer recurring SMS donations (for example CHF 5 per week) are available. Chargeable SMS's, with proceeds for the organisation, can also be sent. Price: CHF 750 /month


The Premium package provides your organisation with unlimited keywords and a unique number. Price on request.

Address Enricher Option

The Address Enricher enables you to request the addresses of the donors. Approximately 25% of donors respond with their address, allowing you to further develop your relationship with them. This option is worthwhile as it allows you to win new addresses, and is an attractive alternative to other methods of generating donors. Price: CHF 50 /month

These fantastic organisations use SMS donations:


We are happy to provide you with detailed price lists and conditions. Please contact us via the following link and we'll respond shortly.
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Even the most meticulous website and the most accurate price list does not answer all possible questions. Here are the most common questions about SMS donations. If your question is not answered here, please contact us. We will be happy to give you information!
In order to assign the donations to the correct organisation, keywords are assigned. Say you SMS "SUPPORT RAISENOW" to the number 488. In this example, SUPPORT is the Top Level keyword, and RAISENOW is the Second Level keyword.
With the fixed donation you cannot choose how much you want to donate as the amount is determined by the organisation. For example, a message stating SUPPORT RAISENOW to 488 costs CHF 1. With a variable donation keyword, for example RNW, the desired donation amount can be entered (from 1 - 100). For example RNW 10 stands for a CHF 10 donation and RNW 5 for a CHF 5 donation.
In principle, the minimum duration is 1 year, with a one month notice period at the end of the contract. The Eco Plus, Standard or Advanced packages can be implemented with shorter durations for temporary campaigns or events.
Yes, but only with the use of a Swiss SIM card.
The donor sends an SMS with the relevant keyword (eg CHILD AID) to 488. Either the predetermined amount or that chosen by the donor (between 1 and 100) appears thereafter and determines the donation amount made. For example, CHILD AID 25 would result in a donation of CHF 25 being made.
SMS donations are collected via the FairGive association and distributed monthly to the relevant organisations. The allocation is based on the keywords and you will receive a detailed billing as well as all payment receipts in the RaiseNow Manager in real-time. Please remember that due to the process requirements, the payout is delayed by 60 - 90 days. Thus, January income will only be paid around April, February income in May, and so on.

First Steps

In order to receive SMS donations, certain requirements have to be fulfilled. You must either be an association with statutes or have an entry in the commercial register. Unfortunately the service is not available for private persons. We also reserve the right to refuse service for ethical or moral reasons. After a written order, we will activate the service, which can be used after approx. 2 - 3 days.


I will gladly help you learn more about costs and functionalities.

Jürg Unterweger | Head of Sales and Partnerships

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