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Strong together! RaiseNow & Koalect are the future of fundraising

Sophie By Sophie Oct 24, 2023
RaiseNow & Koalect

Dear RaiseNow community, we’re thrilled and delighted to announce that two pioneers of digital fundraising, RaiseNow and Koalect, are joining forces. We’re pretty sure you know who we are! But who exactly is Koalect and why are we so happy about this collaboration? Let’s find out together.

Koalect: Where technology meets community

Based in Belgium, Koalect made a name for itself by helping organizations engage and mobilize their communities through digital fundraising and crowdfunding. It’s more than just a platform. Koalect provides precisely the tools you need to organize fundraising campaigns. These are not only financially beneficial, but also in terms of community building. You can create custom crowdfunding platforms that support peer-to-peer fundraising, event fundraising, and lots more. Koalect’s versatility facilitates all sorts of fundraising and community activities, which play a significant role in strengthening a brand’s market presence in the digital sphere, while generating the capital required for essential projects.


Peer-to-peer – or P2P – fundraising is a way of motivating individuals to raise money for an organization by running their own fundraising activities in their personal network. It’s a decentralized and also very personal way of collecting donations. This fundraising approach allows organizations to increase their reach exponentially by using their supporters’ networks to raise awareness of their cause, attract new supporters, and generate additional funds. In addition, it allows supporters to contribute to a cause they feel passionate about in a very personal, meaningful way.

Storytelling: Authentic & effective

Koalect understands that to communicate effectively with stakeholders in the digital age, you need to use multiple online channels. It has developed a platform that helps organizations tell their stories authentically and effectively beyond fundraising campaigns, while building a strong and engaged community. The main reason why an engaged community is so valuable in fundraising, is because it creates trust in an organization or cause. People are more likely to donate when the information or request comes from someone in their own network. What’s more, an active, supportive community creates a dynamic that can increase not only the amount of money coming in, but also awareness of a cause. The community can also function as a multiplier, by taking the message into its own networks, which can generate even more supporters. So a community functions not only as a supporter group, but also as an important tool for building awareness and expanding your network.

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Why is this cooperation so special to us?

KSounds like a perfect fit, doesn’t it? We think so too! This partnership between RaiseNow and Koalect is about more than simply bringing two companies together. It’s a symbiosis of experience, expertise, and a joint vision to redefine and continue developing digital fundraising in Europe. RaiseNow brings extensive payment technology expertise, while Koalect contributes an innovative approach to community-driven fundraising.

Together, we’re in an even better position to create offers that are not only powerful and technologically advanced, but also flexible enough to meet the ever-changing requirements and expectations of the digital public.

Reginald Rink, Head of Product RaiseNow:

“RaiseNow’s changemakers will massively benefit from Koalect's strong peer-to-peer product to empower their community with self-service fundraising campaigns and enriched campaigns for physical and virtual events, including tickets and merchandise sales.”

Shaping the future together

Maxime, CEO von Koalect & Marco, CEO von RaiseNow

We, the Koalect and RaiseNow team, are thrilled by the possibilities we see in front of us. Together, we’re now Europe’s largest research and development team for digital fundraising. We’ll join forces to develop innovative solutions that allow organizations to spread their message, build communities, and make the world a better place.

Stay with us on this exciting journey as we shape the future of online fundraising together. United on a mission: RaiseNow and Koalect take fundraising to the next level.

For more information, please read our press release or join our webinar.

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