Our commitment

We support the digitization of fundraising processes and tools, increasing the efficiency and success of fundraising efforts by organizations.

Our challenge

We are driven by our mission, and work hard every day to try to make it come true—to enable fundraisers to use the internet to collect donations in the best possible way.

Our developers, customer success team members, consultants, and contractors are constantly working in the background to ensure that the most up-to-date and secure digital fundraising options are available.

Our values

Integrity, respect, and hard work: our team combines years of non-profit sector experience, specialization in online fundraising solutions, and the passion to make fundraising more efficient, user-friendly, and successful.

We are a team that values itself beyond the work we do and has a keen interest in the goals of the organizations we support. We expect our clients to comply with ethical guidelines based on international as well as internally-defined standards.

Our achievements

Since 2013, RaiseNow has served a rapidly-growing group of international clients and handles transactions in many different languages and currencies.
Over 750 clients
Over 750 organizations around the world use RaiseNow. With RaiseNow, they are prepared for our digital future and their supporters can donate from anywhere in the world.
Transactions in 15 currencies
We support transactions in 15 currencies, allowing in many cases for funds to be raised in local currencies. We add new currencies on an ongoing basis.
Clients in 16 countries
Our customers, many of them international, currently come from over a dozen countries across four continents.
High donation volume
By mid-2019, RaiseNow had processed more than 1.5 million successful transactions and a donation volume of over 150 million euros.