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Simple, fast and secure! Experience benefits apart from the “Support Culture” campaign! With RaiseNow, cashless payment collection and processing on- and offline, at club events or with membership management, becomes entirely hassle-free.

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At a glance: The benefits for you and your club

Pay as you go

Access key payment solutions and fundraising tools with no setup fees and no monthly costs. Pay only for successful transactions with our flexible pricing plan.

Smooth payment processing

TWINT makes processing and managing payments a breeze. It’s quick and easy for your supporters, and clear and straightforward for you and your accountant.

Leverage payment data

Access payment reports within your account and collect information about your members and payees. Further mobilise your community and inspire them to support your club.

Keep your goals in sight

Track transactions and payments in real-time. Monitor and measure your progress against different goals and projects.

Easily process payments at events

Shelve complex cash payments for good thanks to RaiseNow TWINT QR codes

  • Process quick and easy cashless payments at events and seamlessly keep track of funds for everything from admission fees to cake stall sales

  • Say goodbye to tediously counting cash, searching for change and manually tallying up your sales

  • Keep track of transactions in real time in your RaiseNow account

  • Save time on manual work thanks to club software integrations and automatic payment reconciliation

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Membership fee collection made easy

Make manually collecting membership payments a thing of the past - get started now with hassle-free club accounting

  • Less admin for you

  • A convenient way for members to pay

  • Payments are automatically reconciled with your club software

  • Easily send payment reminders via email or Messenger

Check out how the Weiningen Gymnastics Club has done it

Collect donations for your club’s goal

In need of new musical instruments for your club? Hoping to create a new stage set for your next theatre performance? Raise funds within your community!

  • Collect information about your supporters so you can address personally

  • Define a clear goal and measure your success

  • Share the why and how of your project with your supporters to get them on board with your cause

  • Perfect for everything from emails to print materials such as letters and flyers

  • Add a donate button to your website or online-channel to request support

Check out how e-sports club March Marmots has done it

The RaiseNow products at a glance: Create individual QR codes and PayLinks tailored to your needs. Get started today!


Your club members and supporters simply scan your TWINT QR code or PayLink to pay. You receive the funds, but don’t receive information about the payer.


Club members and supporters simply scan the TWINT QR code or click a PayLink to enter their details and pay. You receive the funds along with information about the person who paid.


Your club members and supporters simply scan a TWINT QR code or click a PayLink to enter their details and donate. You can also add a donate button to your club’s website to receive donations. You receive the donation along with information about the payer.

Club software integrations

Easily import all your TWINT transactions into your preferred club software. We have integrations with ClubDesk, Webling and Fairgate. This way, you always have an overview of your club’s finances.


Our comprehensive TWINT package has no monthly fixed fees, no setup fees and no limits. You can mix and match freely, and our easy pay-as-you-go model means you’ll only ever pay a small fee for each successful transaction.

TWINT QR Pay 1.3% Receive funds only
TWINT QR Pay PlusTWINT QR Donate 2.5% Receive funds + payer data
What does the pricing include?
  • Instant download QR codes
  • Option to collect payer/supporter data
  • Unlimited QR codes
  • Unlimited PayLinks
  • Can be combined with Swiss QR-bill for payment via TWINT
  • Preset and custom payment amounts
  • Weekly payouts
Receive direct donations and support from your community now!
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How it works

1. Your account and the first PayLink have already been created for you as part of the “Support Culture” campaign. Please note that this automatically created PayLink cannot be edited.

2. In order to fund further club projects, organize events or reduce bookkeeping admin, you can create as many additional TWINT QR codes and PayLinks - of your choice - as you like.

3. Fill in all the settings for your TWINT QR code or PayLink. You don’t need any technical knowledge to do so and we’ll provide useful tips to help you at each step of the process.

4. Ready to go! You can start using your TWINT QR codes and PayLinks to collect payments and donations straight away. You can edit them at any time.

Frequently asked questions, answered

Why can’t I edit the PayLink from Migros?

As part of the “Support Culture” campaign, Migros has created solutions for all participating clubs. Apart from the club-specific information, they are all completely uniform. To ensure this uniformity and therefore a level playing field for all clubs, the solutions cannot be edited. However, you can see who has donated to the solution and how many donations you have collected via the solution.

If you would like to use your solution for another purpose and with, for example, different amounts, you can simply create a new solution. Please note that the following fees apply:

  • “Receive payments” (TWINT QR Pay): 1.3% per successful transaction
  • "Receive payments and collect payer details” (TWINT QR Pay Plus): 2.5 % per successful transaction
  • "Receive donations and collect donor details" (TWINT QR Donate): 2.5 % per successful transaction

What is the difference between the solutions?

Choose the TWINT QR Pay solution (“Receive payments”) if you want to collect a fixed or a freely selectable amount at events.

With the TWINT QR Pay Plus solution ("Receive payments and collect payer details”) you can not only receive payments but also collect personal information about the payer, for example, to be able to include the person in a newsletter mailing.

Last but not least, the TWINT QR Donate solution allows you to raise funds and get the donor's personal information. Here you can also give your donors the option to request a donation receipt from your organization at the end of the year.

Do I have to choose between a TWINT QR or PayLink solution?

No, you can combine the different TWINT solutions as you like and we find that the majority of our customers end up using a mixture of different solutions to meet their needs.

You can create an unlimited number of QR codes and PayLinks, and thanks to our pay-as-you-go model, you only pay a fee for each successful transaction.

What are the use cases?

QR codes and PayLinks can be used for many different types of payments, e.g. food and drinks at events, selling items, collections at concerts and churches, rental fees for the rehearsal space, entry fees, patronage fees, club fees, memberships, sponsorships, paying bills, online donations as well as donations for live streams, course fees, ticket sales and much more.

Where can I best use QR codes and PayLinks?

On site: At functions, events or in the clubhouse, you can use the TWINT QR code to collect all kinds of payments securely and without cash.

Online: Whether on your website, in emails, WhatsApps, SMS, social media posts or any other digital medium: simply add a PayLink and link directly to the payment or donation page.

Printed materials: In letters, flyers, brochures, notices, postcards, advertisements and much more.


How much do RaiseNow TWINT QR codes and PayLinks cost?

There are no setup or fixed recurring fees for registering your organization in the RaiseNow Hub or for creating and managing your TWINT QR codes.

Once you have chosen the type of QR code that is most suitable for your purpose (you can learn more about it here as well as in our video tutorial), you can create as many QR codes and PayLinks as you wish, knowing that transaction fees are only charged when you receive a successful payment with your QR code or PayLink.

The fees depend on the type of QR code you use:
  • Receive payments (TWINT QR Pay): 1.3% per successful transaction
  • Receive payments and collect payer details (TWINT QR Pay Plus): 2.5% per successful transaction
  • Receive donations and collect donor details (TWINT QR Donate): 2.5% per successful transaction

How do I create a TWINT QR code or PayLink?

Log into RaiseNow Hub and click on “Touchpoint solutions” in the menu. Click on “Create new TWINT QR code” on the top left-hand side and select the type of TWINT QR code you want to create. Now you can customize your QR code and set it up as you see fit. A PayLink is always automatically generated whenever you create a TWINT QR code (you can find more detailed information about PayLinks here). Once you’re happy with the preview, click on “Save & generate”. In the next step, you can then download your TWINT QR code.

What’s the connection between RaiseNow and TWINT?

RaiseNow and TWINT have an exclusive partnership for club and charity solutions, which means that TWINT technology is seamlessly integrated with the RaiseNow platform. As a result, we can offer you a range of solutions for your club which you won’t find anywhere else, and which combine the expertise of the leading Swiss payment provider and the leading Swiss fundraising platform.

When will I receive the money in my bank account?

RaiseNow pays out the donations received via the TWINT QR codes and PayLinks once per week. The current payout time is around 3 to 9 days, depending on when the donations were made. This duration is mainly due to the fact that we first have to receive and process the funds from TWINT.

Every Wednesday the donations for the previous week (Monday to Sunday) are paid out to your bank account. Prior to that, you receive an email from RaiseNow with a payout report where you can see the exact gross and net amount and the payment date.

What our customers are saying

One of the main advantages of the RaiseNow TWINT QR code for me is the fact that I no longer have to carry change with me or chase after money. Andreas Burri Club Mini-TLF, Neuenegg (Bern)
At our last event, admission could be paid in cash or via the RaiseNow TWINT QR code. We will also continue to offer this convenient payment method in the future. Ivan Rettig Wind orchestra Feldmusik Neuenkirch (Luzern)
Membership fees can be paid to us in cash and now also via the RaiseNow TWINT QR code. A large number of our members really appreciate this cashless option. Michael Röllin March Marmots, March area (Schwyz)