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RaiseNow and Altruja join forces

Jérôme Strijbis By Jérôme Strijbis Jul 28, 2020

RaiseNow and Altruja, a leading and popular provider of online fundraising solutions in Germany for many years, join forces to become the largest pan-European provider of fundraising technology with over 2,000 clients. The merger opens up new and attractive opportunities for our customers and nonprofit organizations in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and the rest of Europe. Below you find the most important questions and answers for our customers and other interested parties.

1. Who is Altruja?

Altruja, based in Munich, Germany, is a professional digital fundraising software provider that provides donation tools, charity shops and peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities for nonprofit organizations and other fundraising institutions like universities, schools, political parties, and more. The Altruja team believes that long-term success and growth can only be achieved in a holistic manner. Aside from their technological tools, their advanced online Marketing knowledge system, Altruja Coach, coupled with comprehensive support from an experienced team, puts the organizations and causes that they power at the forefront of this digital future that is already here. For more information, visit our information page for Altruja customers (German).

2. What are the reasons behind this RaiseNow and Altruja merger?

We have known of and appreciated each other for many years, and have always been amazed by each other’s products and offers – simply because we complement each other perfectly. The merger is fueled by our wish to consolidate both the Altruja and RaiseNow offerings, and meet growing demands for a single end-to-end fundraising provider to better serve the needs of nonprofit organizations. We want to bring our knowledge, innovation, and experience together to elevate the standards of online fundraising in the space. For you as a customer, it is a huge step forward that we combine our development efforts and offer you even better online fundraising tools.

3. What happens in a merger?

A merger happens when a company finds a benefit in combining business operations with another company that ultimately contributes to increased stakeholder value. Likewise, in this case, Altruja and RaiseNow’s merge signifies the joining and aligning of teams, operations, product, and company direction, in order to bring more impact and value to our customers. We are in the process of conducting the above and have started discussions on what the best product offering that we can bring to customers is. A lot needs to happen behind the scenes before we get there but we aim to keep our customers and communities updated along the way.

4. What are the benefits of the merger for me as a customer?

By joining forces, the two teams are better equipped to anticipate customer needs in this increasingly digital world. The innovation and knowledge combined will allow us to create and build better tools for our customers. As a customer, you get to benefit from the best of Altruja and RaiseNow solutions in the long term. We are working on merging the two products by bringing the best of both worlds into a single platform in order to, for example, bring robust CRM features to Altruja customers and better peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities to RaiseNow customers. By enhancing our feature set and product portfolio, you get to experience higher efficiencies and better success in your fundraising efforts, significantly maximizing the impact of your causes.

5. What new product features do I get?

We have just started discussions and processes on expanding our product offering – to bring CRM features to Altruja customers and better peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities to RaiseNow customers. Ultimately, we want our customers to benefit from the best of what both teams have created, and will keep you updated along the way.

6. Will my contract terms remain the same?

All current contracts remain unchanged until the expiry date stated. Afterwards, the offer might change due to the adjustments in product offering. We will update you accordingly should any changes arise.

7. Do I have to make any technical changes?

No, no technical changes are necessary immediately. We will inform you should we require any action on your part.

8. Will the Altruja or RaiseNow brand continue to exist?

In the short term, the respective Altruja and RaiseNow brands will stay separate entities and as is. In the long term, we will be merging the two teams and brands together. Regardless, we will continue to be there for our customers and community, and will actively update you of any changes.

9. What are the next steps?

Until the final closing of this deal, both teams are required to keep our integration activities to a minimum on a preparation and planning level. So far, we have committed time and resources to map out future product opportunities, go-to market strategies, and partnerships together. After the deal is formally finalized and closed later this year, we will get to the technical integration and implementation steps. We will keep you updated along the way.

10. Who do I call if I have a problem or concern?

You can contact us any time (via the same contact person and email), we are always there for you.


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